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Urban development Buenos Aires

City of Misery


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Inhabitant of slum play volleyball  the front of apartment in the most famous of precarious settlements in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires

Argentinian's often speak of the "other Argentina." Depending on where they're from this either means rural Argentina or Buenos Aires, populated by the “Porteños" of European descent. But there is a third Argentina. Villa 31 is one of the many villa miseria or shantytowns throughout Buenos Aires and Argentina. These communities are often formed from immigrant populations and are located along infrastructure such as railways of major highways. These urban islands are separated from the formal city by physical architecture and infrastructure barriers, not to mention social, cultural and economic barriers. Villa 31 is not unlike any of the shantytowns found throughout the major cities of the world. From Istanbul to Shenzhen to Rio de Janeiro, governments are struggling to respond to these informal settlements. Villa 31 is not included on the map of Buenos Aires. It does not receive basic municipal services such as sanitation, water, public transportation or street lights…Source by Jonathan Duke:T he Huffington Post 


A child posing in the front of his home in the slum districts “Villa 31"

Villa  31 View of the internal street 

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