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Discover the world of AS, through its favorite themes like the Urban Space, Architecture, Industrial Landscape, Conceptual Classic Colors. Traveling through Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.


My passion for art breathe and live with my search for "Design of the Light". 

I'm equally proud of my contribution to our field, the work has been influenced to the research to approach of representation of the use of color from early 80th. The use of color  “The Armony of Colors” - "Principes of Color and Creative color by Faber Birren".

And now, it is this same principle that drives me every day to make amazing work to art prints accessible to everyday people, at affordable prices.  The consistency of detail and craftsmanship showed is unmatched. My philosophy on quality has remained unchanged: that is, the best presentation material obtainable is the best investment out your project and grew whit the new technology as the editing and print in the lasted years.


The use of light, the structure of images as the composition are the power of my images. Today I'm continuing to use either the anagogic system Hasselblad camera, as the digital, together give me to a high level of expression to represent my projects.


The collection of art images contains the picture in Black and White and Color Classic as recent-works from selected archives, as well as examples from the past few years. 




06 _RG29889.JPG

Discover the art.work in 


Interior Design: 

Photos in black and white and colors are "Object of Interior Design". Yo put choose different topics, to dress up your walls or project your interior design wall or decorative space in your home or your office.


Images are elements of decoration, which form part of your interior design. The images can address different themes such as landscape, portrait, being in black and white or color as the abstract picture. A large format photo can become the protagonist of a living room or turn into a bed headboard. Or still, occupy a whole wall like a wallpaper.


Images are elements of decoration, could form part of your interior design, to decoration space or galleries exhibition. The images can address different themes such as landscape, portrait, abstract, being in black and white or color.

Author images

My exclusive, original art-photographs are on offer as hand-signed, limited editions with print runs of between 100 and 200. Alternatively, there are open editions which do not include the signature.

The art artworks are never too expensive and my print artworks being in limited copies. Discover a collection of awesome art that you won't find anywhere else.

Alejandro Sala
Australia Collection

Fine art America

Fine art America is your custom frame shop, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Acrylic. Every custom frame is hand-assembled by them framing experts using diverse materials.

Another sensitive element is the combination of colors and materials. Which concerns both the subjects of the photos and the frames used.


You can choose original supports: from the classic passe par-tout with a wooden frame, to the technological aluminum and resin sandwich that gives back a feeling of depth.


The photographic print leverages sophisticated digital technology to capture a level of detail that is absolutely stunning. The colors are vivid and pure. The high-quality archival paper, a favorite choice among professional photographers, has a refined luster quality. 


Printed Product via Fine art America.

(FFA)- Prints /Canvas / Posters/ Framed / Posters/ Metal/ Acrylic/ Greeting Cards nad more...

Size: Available only Fine art America

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